The Gold Collection II: Overseas Edition

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mobygames link (normal edition)

Source 1

Property Data
Title The Gold Collection II: Overseas Edition
Publisher and/or Developer U.S. Gold Ltd.
Year 1986
Disk(s) 2
Number of Index Holes 2, 1
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Compilation
Country of Release EU
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection yes, disk 1 menu loader checks error 5 track 22 sector 10, Kung-Fu Master checks error 5 track 1 sector 10.
Working? Partially, disk 2 side 0 has defect tracks 50.0 to 62.0. Game Asylum fails loading.
Archived 2 Apr 2014 Rakki
Verified by enigma


Disk 1

Side 0:

Super Zaxxon mobygames link

Kung-Fu Master mobygames link

Side 1:

Time Tunnel mobygames link

Dragon Skulle mobygames link

Disk 2

Side 0:

Asylum mobygames link

Pole Position mobygames link

Side 1: empty


Purchased from: / sebkotska

Rakki: Complete overseas edition.


Disk 1

File:Streams TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk1

Disk 2

File:Streams TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk2


Disk 1

File:TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk1 Rakki s0.g64

File:TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk1 Rakki s1.g64

Disk 2

File:TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk2 Rakki s0.g64 (image works only partially)

File:TheGoldCollectionIIOverseasEdition Disk2 Rakki s1.g64 (empty)


Disk 1

File:The Gold Collection II Overseas Edition (US Gold) (1986) Disk 1 s0.d64

File:The Gold Collection II Overseas Edition (US Gold) (1986) Disk 1 s1.d64