They Sold a Million II

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Side 0:

Bruce Lee mobygames link

Match Day mobygames link

Side 1:

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Source 1

Property Data
Title They Sold a Million II
Publisher and/or Developer The Hit Squad, Ocean Software Ltd., U.S. Gold Ltd., Ultimate Play the Game
Year 1986
Disk(s) 1
Number of Index Holes 2
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Compilation
Country of Release EU
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection Ocean Protection
Working? Yes
Archived 14 Sep 2013 Rakki
Verified by enigma

Purchased from: From the collection of Aki 'Rakki' Sivula, dumped using Newtronics/Mitsumi D509V

enigma: Entombed uses a different loader and does not check protection.


File:Streams TheySoldAMillionII


File:TheySoldAMillionII Rakki s0.g64

File:TheySoldAMillionII Rakki s1.g64