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Property Data
Title Flak
Publisher and/or Developer Funsoft Inc.
Year 1984
Disk(s) 1
Number of Index Holes 1
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Retail
Country of Release EU
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection syncr0l0k
Working? Yes
Verified by parser

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Flak Title.png
Flak Title2.png
Flak game.png

Source: ?

File:Flak (Funsoft) (1984) (original) -working- -3-Byte patch-.d64

File:Flak (Funsoft) (1984) (original) -working- -3-Byte patch-.g64

File:Flak (Funsoft) (1984) (original) -working- -3-Byte patch- RAW1 g0 s1.g64

File:Flak (Funsoft) (1984) (original) -working- -3-Byte patch- RAW1 k1 s1.g64

File:Flak (Funsoft) (1984) (original) -working- -3-Byte patch- RAW1 k2 s1.g64

Source 1


Archived: 17 Aug 2012 sncboom2k

File:Flak Stream sncboom2k.zip

Source 2


Archived: 17 Aug 2012 sncboom2k

File:Flak Streams redump sncboom2k.zip

Source 3

Place of Purchase: ebay.de / sebkotska


Archived: 02 Apr 2014 Rakki

File:Flak Streams Rakki 04 10 2014.zip

Notes by Rakki: Loose. Small spot on the disk surface (see photos). Based on rumors another Flak disk contained similar spot. see syncr0l0k

Patch information

In memory:

Address Before After
$359F $20 $54
$35A0 $2F $54
$35A1 $11 $54


#$1797 20 2F 11 JSR #$112F
#$17A2 20 60 25 JSR #$2560 (these 3 hex-values $20, $60 and $25 are written by Subroutine at #$112F to memory at $17A2, $17A3 and $17A4)

change to:

#$1797 54 54 54

Location of bytes on disk:

Track 3 / Sector 11
Bytes $9F, $A0, $A1

Custom loader on track 17/18 needs to be recopied in case of converted Kryoflux streams.