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Side 0
Side 1

Source 1

Property Data
Title Heatwave
Publisher and/or Developer Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Year 1989
Disk(s) 1
Number of Index Holes 2
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Compilation
Country of Release UK
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection GMA89 on both sides
Working? Yes
Archived 23 Jun 2013 / 2 Aug 2013 Rakki
Verified by enigma

Purchased from: Huuto.net

Rakki: Loose. S1 copyprotection broken from the beginning. Based on discussion with SPS: Side 1 never worked due of faulty copy protection (SPS investigated the dump). Dump is now slightly corrected with copy protection data from side 2 (copied track 74.0 from flipside to frontside). No bitshift fault noticed. Another fault on disk was that disk sticker contains wrong names - the game menu contains what side 1 and side 2 really contains :).


File:Streams Heatwave rakki.zip

Flipped dump (side 0 and 1 are swapped):

File:Streams Heatwave flipped rakki.zip

Redump of the track with protection signature:

File:Streams Heatwave flipped redump74 82 rakki.zip


Bad side 0 protection signature was replaced by side 1 protection signature.

File:Heatwave rakki s0.g64

File:Heatwave rakki s1.g64