Sport Games Hits

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Source 1

Property Data
Publisher and/or Developer Ubisoft
Year 1991
Disk(s) 1
Number of Index Holes 1
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Compilation
Country of Release UK?
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection Beta Skip
Working? Yes
Archived 18 Jul 2012 Rakki
Verified by parser
Side 0

Purchased from: Ebay contact.

Rakki: Aspar Master Grand Prix and Pro Tennis Tour works ok. Hard Drivin resets after loading.

Information: Loose. Error on track 38.0. Disk name sticker contains game names + C64 Disc 5046341.


File:Streams SportsGamesHits

Rakki: Loose. 38.0 bad. Redumped with realigned drive 3nd Mar 2013.

File:Streams AsparGPMasterProTennisTourHardDrivin


Parser: The streams have a bad sector 5 on track 20, which causes the reset after loading Hard Drivin. The sector data could be restored in the G64:

File:Sport Games Hits (Ubisoft) (1991) (original) -PAL- (Compilation) RAW1 k2 s0 -38.0 t20s5 repaired-.g64

Disk side 1 is emtpy.