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Contrary to the mobygames description the game features a computer opponent.

Controls use W,X for up/down, A,D for left right, S for fire...

Source 1

Property Data
Title Steve Davis Snooker
Publisher and/or Developer CDS Software, Blue Ribbon Software Ltd.
Year 1985
Disk(s) 1
Number of Index Holes 1
Media Type 5.25 DSDD
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name) Retail
Country of Release UK
Language(s) English
Platform C64
Protection None
Working? Yes
Archived 29 May 2014 Rakki
Verified by enigma
Side 0

Purchased from / randomhero2k


File:Streams SteveDavisSnooker


File:SteveDavisSnooker Rakki s0.g64


The front side has some MFM data left in the innermost track (35 and 36) as well as the complete back side of the disk, tracks 00 to 36 (9 sectors). An image of the back side is provided here for completeness. Note that most of the front side and 3 tracks are missing at the end. The content looks like a DOS version of Fireteam 2200 in version 1.3.

Diagnosis: It is a reused PC disk.

File:SteveDavisSnooker Rakki s1.img